UBC at AUB Conference for Content

UBC MD Agaba (in yellow tie) at AUB conference with KBC MD Waitaki (L), European Copyrights Director Carol Croella, Director Nigeria Radio Corporation Dr. Liman and Director Togo TV Yovodevi

By UBC Reporter

Member organisations of the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB) – including Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) – are holding an extraordinary meeting in Dakar, Senegal.

The five-day conference, which started on February 20, will mainly be looking at promoting authentic African content in the African media and the acquisition of the same for its members.

UBC has been represented by the corporation’s managing director Mr David Winston Agaba.

“We are all in agreement that Africa must look at ways of creating quality content that can be relevant to the Public broadcasters across the continent,” said Mr Agaba. “This calls for training of human resource which will be championed by UAB.”

One of the hottest issues on the agenda has been how the union can control the sharp rise in the costs of the rebroadcasting rights of sporting events especially the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon).

“There is also the call to act as one on the sporting rights,” said the UBC MD.

Uganda through UBC was one of the many African countries to miss out on telecasting the recently concluded Afcon in Gabon due to the obscene price set by the rights holders Lagardère Group.

Three weeks ago, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the AU heads of state passed a resolution on the unfairness of sporting rights after more than half of Africa missing out on the continent’s biggest football spectacle.

With this at the back of their mind, the AUB members are to champion the fight to ensure that Afcon rights are affordable to African free-to-air broadcasters.

The Uganda national flag is flying high at the conference with many member organisations looking to do business with UBC and Uganda in general.

“UBC and Uganda in general shall benefit from this conference for we shall benefit from the training of the human resource and the collective bargaining that shall see Africa engaging FIFA and other sporting bodies to offer affordable right rates,” he emphasized. “I also met some suppliers of both hardware and software who shall sharpen our edge. Morocco TV amongst others is willing to share with us in different fields including training.”

The need for all to devise means of tapping into social media was one of the many other topical issues on the floor.

The AUB conference brings all African Public Broadcasters together and the major force for this one was two-fold.

The conference is doubling as the celebration for the 10th anniversary of the AUB.