Illegal Immigrants in Uganda To Be Deported

By Sarah Mawerere

Ministry of Internal Affairs has embarked on a vigorous crack down on immigrants who have entered and stayed in the country illegally.

Head of Inspection and Investigation in the ministry Mr Simon Mundeyi revealed that most of the immigrants especially those from overseas enter Uganda with a tourist visa and later turn it into a work permit.

Mundeyi noted that tourist visas are issued to last for a maximum of three years after which the visitor is supposed to leave the country.

He said the immigrants have abused the grace period given to them to stay and instead confuse security agents and settle in the country to start work, which he said is illegal and punishable.

Mundeyi added that the foreigners doing petty work like; waiting in restaurants/ hotels, working in International schools and those working as gatekeepers will be deported, adding that such jobs can be done by Ugandans.

He said the Inspection Department is now funded and will continue to conduct its routine inspection and investigations about the Foreigners who come and stay in Uganda illegally.