Tanzania TV Suspends Staff Over ‘Fake’ Trump News

By Agencies

Tanzanian public broadcaster TBC has suspended nine staff members after they aired a hoax story saying that US President Donald Trump had praised Tanzania President John Magufuli’s performance.

The ‘fake news’ first appeared on a website called Fox Channel.

TBC then took it as the gospel truth and aired it last week.

The story, in detail, stated that Trump called Magufuli an “African hero” compared to other leaders who are “doing nothing.”

The hoax story further said that the US president had called on other African leaders to follow Magufuli’s example with his emphasis on good governance and his war against corruption.

A statement from TBC apologized for the misleading information and added that they regret that editorial procedures had not been followed.

The broadcaster’s Director General Ayub Chacha said that the station should have verified the information before broadcasting.

Mr Magufuli, known as the “bulldozer” for his hands on approach to leadership, has been waging a public war on corruption which has won him some support locally and internationally.

The article said that Mr Trump made the comments while signing an executive order excluding Tanzanians from a travel ban on African nationals “from countries where presidents are doing nothing and those [that] have declined to leave power”.