President Museveni on the ‘Succession’ Debate

By Jackson Onyango


The debate on who would/ could/ should replace President Museveni as Uganda’s next president has been around for years. It heats up and then it cools down, and the cycle continues.

Recently there have been media speculations, and during President Museveni’s two-day visit to Operation Wealth Creation beneficiaries in Luwero, a journalist threw the president a curve ball.

The journalist asked the president about his retirement plans and potential successor during a presser on Kawumu Demonstration Farm in Luwero district.

President Museveni is not the type to duck questions and much as the question wasn’t really in line with the activities of the day, he answered it telling the journalist that the sense of responsibility to grow Africa together should take precedence over “small” issues of who should do what.

Read excerpts from the President’s response below:

I don’t know what they are planning but me, I am a teacher.

I teach not about those small things like age limit. I don’t know what all those small talks of yours are about.

I talk about the future of Africa. What should be done not who.

Because for you, you struggle all the time on ‘who’ yet for me my issue is ‘what’.

So if you want to know about those details you go and ask the secretariat maybe they are the ones who have those small things about the who because the age limit you are talking about, you are talking about the who now.

Whatever is done must have been planned.

When time comes we shall talk about those. Even in our manifesto we did not talk about it.

This is not to say that it isn’t important but its time will come and we shall talk about it.