Uganda Not About to Withdraw from ICC

By Sarah Natoolo

The Attorney General William Byaruhanga has said Uganda has not made any attempt to withdrawal from the Rome Statute, the founding treaty of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

He was presenting before parliament, a statement on the status of Uganda’s membership to The Hague-based court following fears that Uganda was likely to end its relationship with the court in the wake of withdrawals by South Africa, Burundi and The Gambia.

Byarugaba says that although Uganda has reservations on the operations of the Court and the perceived targeting of African leaders, it has not considered withdrawing from the Rome Statute.

He added that he prides in Uganda’s move as the first country to make a referral to the ICC leading to the indictment, in 2005, of Joseph Kony the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army and four of his top commanders.