Parliament Halts NMS Supplementary Budget

National Medical Stores officials have told Parliament that the budget for anti-malarial medicines was diverted by the treasury. NET PHOTO.

By UBC Reporter

The Parliament’s budget committee has halted the approval of a supplementary budget of Shs27billion to fund National Medical Stores (NMS).

The decision was taken after a team from the National Medical Stores failed to justify whether the supplementary funding was unforeseen, unavoidable and could not deviate the existing budget.

NMS received an allocation of Shs110billion in the current financial year (2016/2017) budget to procure Anti-retroviral drugs worth Shs50billion, Anti-Malarial medicines worth Shs50billion and Tuberculosis medicines worth Shs10billion.

However, the Acting General Manager of NMS Mr Apollo Newton Mwesigye told the budget committee that the budget for anti-malarial medicines was affected by directives from the treasury.

He added that NMS required supplementary funding to cover part of the gap created by a reallocation of funds meant for Anti-Malarial drugs.

This revelation sparked a sharp debate from the budget committee members with chairperson Amos Lugoloobi questioning how the Secretary to Treasury could alter the budget already approved by parliament.

Lugoloobi noted that the Shs27billion expenditure approval will remain pending until his committee is satisfied.