Wednesday, April 25, 2018

UBC Review Committee Meets UBC Staff

  Staff members of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) have decried unfavorable working conditions citing lack of resources and motivation. The staff aired their grievances during an...

Uganda Police Force Deploys New Contingent in Somalia.

The Uganda Police Force has deployed a new contingent of officers to serve under the African Union Mission in Somalia  The newly deployed personnel, from...

Early Childhood Education

           State minister for higher education John Chrysostom Muyingo wants early childhood education to form a basis for better learning. He advised educationists to offer...

UPDF Divisional Court Martial convenes in Mogadishu, to try 18 soldiers for misconduct.

The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces Divisional Court Martial has convened in Mogadishu, to try soldiers for alleged various forms of misconduct. The Divisional Court Martial...