Pacifying Somalia – UPDF Decries IED attacks

Pacifying Somalia - UPDF Decries IED attacks

It’s been 11 years since AMISOM forces intervened in the nearly three decade long Somali civil war. While a milestone has been achieved by the UPDF forces under the peace keeping mission, there is still a long way to go in restoring the broken state.

Our journalists Rhoda Ngonzi and Samuel Ssenono embedded with the UPDF in Somalia and were given rare access to tell the story of the country’s road to recovery.

Medieval Mogadishu at its climb to near ancient Athens, by now would be one of the greatest cities in Africa. With a rich heritage and a prowess in arts, infrastructure and trade equipped by Somalia’s over 3,000km coastline along the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden-the longest in mainland Africa, there’s no debating how far the country could soar- but for the Somali civil war.

A war precipitated by a number of variables from clan differences to a gap in government institutions which evolved the war into a jihadi arm wrestle, to piracy on the Indian ocean waters and the cycle of poverty.