• Short wave covers 100% of the country and extends to the East African Community.
  • FM radios cover 75% of the country.
  • MW also covers central and Southern regions of the Country.
  • Japan government is to extend the grant that will extend the 2nd phase of MW transmission to cover Bobi in the North, Butebo in the East and Girigiri in West Nile plus short wave (SW) transmission.
  • The Chinese government has extended a grant to U.B.C TV that will see a 3rd TV Channel and extra radio stations to be set up in Jinja and Kampala.
  • MW Transmitting sites in Mawagga (Mityana) and Kyeriba (Kabale) were officially commissioned and have improved the waves making the out put clearer and stronger.
  • U.B.C has completed the studio complex comprising of 7 independent TV studios enabling each studio to produce its own programmes. UBC has also set up digital equipment in major towns in preparation for Digital Migration.
  • U.B.C has also embarked on regional broadcasting which will cater for all the 56 languages